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YonKa Facials

Le Grand Classique

Deep Pore cleansing and restoring facial. The most comprehensive deep pore cleansing designed without the risk of irritation. Utilizes Yonka's signature 5 step purifying process. great for breakouts and those needing extractions.

75 minutes — $85.00 

Le Haute Couture
Hydrating flash facial. Well deserved pauses to give your skin its vitamins, restore your energy and help you quickly rediscover a restful look.

35 minutes — $48.00     

Uses tiny crystals to gently remove the outer uneven layer of skin. The procedure makes way for a new, smoother skin to replace the skin that has been treated. Improves dull skin, uneven texture, fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and mild acne scarring. 

45 minutes --- $75.00

Led light Therapy and Kinelift
Led light therapy also know as photobiostimulation and it's benefits have been documented by NASA, Harvard and numerous other institutions. It has been shown to increase ATP production, build collagen, increase tissue oxygenation and reduce wrinkles. It is combined with the Kinelift impulse micro-currents for a dynamic overall anti-aging effect.

45 minutes--- $69.00

Total Youth Treatment
This treatment uses Microdermabrasion to improve the surface of the skin, micro-currents to lift and firm muscle tissue and led light therapy to improve the cellular function of the skin. The treatment concludes with the new Cellular code mask from Yonka to super charge the cellular environment of the skin cells! 

75 minutes --- $116

Often referred to as the non-surgical face lift or a fitness program for the skin. Micro-current has been use for years for healing and rejuvenating physical Therapy patients, now it has been adapted for skin rejuvenation. Micro-current woks with your body's natural processes to firm the facial contours and increase collagen. 

Micro-current facial — $85.00
Eye lift add on — $20.00
Neck lift add on — $20.00

Resurfacing fruit acid treatment. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, the complexion is brightened, and skin becomes softer, firmer and visibly brightens. It concludes with Yonka's amazing molding fruit mask to tone and smooth the skin. "yonka's star anti-aging facial."

60 minutes — $89.00

Excellence Code 
Restores cell youthfulness by stimulating the heart of the cell and it's environment. 
  • Double exfoliation
  • Lymphatic drainage treatment
  • specific massage
  • Micro-current lifting treatment
  • Cellular energy masque

105 minutes — $108.00

Vital Defense 
Anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and anti-pollution treatment for skin that breathes. This treatment helps to balance oxidative stress which is responsible for premature aging.

  • Two cleansings — one with a clarifying clay and brushes.
  • Two hydro peels
  • Misting with YonKa five quintessence essential oils
  • Localized anti-aging treatment
  • Relaxing/shaping massage
  • Aromatic mask

60 minutes — $85.00