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Denise's Spa Petite

Your unique retreat in the heart of Hillsboro
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Massage Therapy
The foundation of health and wellness

Heavenly Steam Massage...our signature service!
A luxurious full body botanical steam with sage, rosemary, and petit grain essential oils. Followed by a one hour therapeutic massage. Invigorates, refreshes, and promotes deep tissue
oxygenation. Float away on a heavenly cloud of steam.

90 minutes — $85.00

Hot Stone Massage
Heated basalt stones are used to massage the body. This generally feels like "hot hands" massaging the body with no real perception of a stone being used. Extremely therapeutic and relaxing. Perfectly irons out tired sore muscles. This treatment works best when combined with traditional massage therapy.

60 minutes — $80.00
90 minutes — $95.00

Swedish massage
A tailor made treatment for relaxation and pain relief. Special attention is paid to each client's individual areas of discomfort and pressure tolerance. Hot packs are applied to the back to deeply relax muscles and increase circulation.

40 minutes — $50.00
60 minutes — $65.00
90 minutes — $85.00

Just the Back
Forty minutes of the perfect stress busting techniques. 20 minutes of Hot Stone massage & 20 minutes of deep tissue to the back, neck, and shoulders. This is a spa favorite!

40 minutes — $55.00

Thai Herbal Massage
A traditional Thai massage using different blends of bundled herbs steamed and then applied to the body with traditional massage and pressure point techniques. Blends include Kaffir lime leaf, jasmine flower, ginger, camphor, cinnamon, lemongrass, tumeric, tamarind, peppermint and more!

Thai Upper body massage 50 minutes -- $70
Thai Body massage 90 minutes -- $120
Royal Thai massage (includes 90 minutes on the body plus 30 minutes of neck, head and face massage) 120 minutes -- $139